1. Why should I seal my driveway?

    Asphalt is a porous material, allowing water, oil to penetrate causing damage overtime.  Applying an oil based sealer  

    once a year will prolong the life of your driveway.  


2. What do you use?

    We use "Black Mac" an oil based sealer.  "Black Mac" is a derivative composition of liquid asphalt.  The same material

     used to make your driveway.  It is designed to penetrate into and seal your driveway properly.

3. Why can't I just use store bought driveway sealer that you roll on?

     "Black Mac" is a oil based sealer.  It is superior to any and all consumer grade acrylic (water based) products.  "Black 

      Mac" won't chip, layer, crack or peel like acrylic (water based) sealers do.

4. How do you prepare the driveway for sealing?

  • we trim all debris and grass from the edges
  • using a broom and a blower we thoroughly clean the surface for sealing
  • spot prime any oil spots
  • fill any major cracks
  • tape any and all stone that runs along the boarders

        using shields and guards we spray leaving you a jet black fully rejuvenated driveway free from overspray   

5. Do I need to fill the cracks in my driveway?

     Cracks will allow water to penetrate to the gravel base.  In the winter this will freeze causing it to buckle.  We

     fill the cracks with special filler ensuring water won't penetrate the surface.

6.  What about the oil spots on my driveway?

      Oil will eat away at your driveway overtime causing potholes.  We use an oil spot primer to neutralize the spot

      before spraying.

7.  Can I still get my driveway sealed with rain in the forecast?

      YES, as long as the pavement is dry during the application. "Black Mac" is an oil based sealer and won't wash

       away like the acrylic types. 

8.   How long does it take to dry?

       The recommended wait time is a minimum of 24hr before you drive on it.


9.   What kind of guarantee do you offer?

        " 100%  Customer Satisfaction" A happy customer is a repeat customer and one of our best advertising


10.   Do you offer any discounts?

         Yes, a $10 discount is available to each person when there are 4 or more driveways on the same street on

         the same day.  The arrangements must be made in advanced.



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